The DFMD is walk-through metal detector that accurately identifies ferrous and non-ferrous weapons utilizing superior target detection.

Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based, DFMD offers greater sensitivity, noise immunity, metal discrimination, detection uniformity, and overall product reliability. The DFMD pinpoint targets the left, center and right side of the body from head to toe.

An improved coil design ensures the smallest metals are detected regardless of shape or orientation. The DFMD has LED light columns on the exit side of the walk-through to directly locate the threat object .

The DFMD also features pacing lights with symbols “Wait” or “Proceed” for timed precision. The DFMD Counter tracks the number that have passed through the detector, alarm rates, and calculates alarm percentage. With advanced analog and digital filtering, the DFMD eliminates potential electrical interferences from the environment to ensure detection accuracy. This enables Astrophysics x-ray systems and the DFMD to be placed in close proximity to each other.

The pinpoint accuracy of the DFMD combined with Astrophysics superior x-ray imaging technology provide the performance and reliabliity to make the ideal checkpoint solution for all your security needs.