SU2000 Barrier Free Optical Turnstile

Our SU2000 barrier free optical turnstile is a great option for access control applications in an environment where an attendant is present. Featuring a highly intelligent optical detection system, the SU2000 has an extremely compact footprint making it perfect for applications where space is at a premium. For count-only applications, please visit our SU500 product page.

Secured entry control applications

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Big things do come in small packages

Streamlined Design

The SU2000 barrier free optical turnstile has a very compact cabinet that saves valuable floor space. Its slim profile, attractive brushed finish stainless steel cabinet and solid surface lid creates a very upscale look suitable for nearly any environment. Both standard and handicapped passage width configurations have the same cabinet dimensions.

Key Features:

  • Slim and compact cabinet design
  • Standard and handicapped width lanes have same cabinet dimensions
  • Highly intuitive LED illuminated user graphics embedded in turnstile lid
  • Multiple cabinet finishes and lid color options

Added Benefits:

  • Small footprint cabinet allows optical turnstile use in compact spaces
  • Cabinet and lid options to blend with any environment
  • Visual graphics provide guidance to users

More than a pretty face

Behind the curtain

The SU2000 optical turnstile provides barrier free access control in conjunction with a facility access control system. In controlled passage mode, upon receipt of a “valid” signal from the access control system, the SU2000 optical turnstile allows a single user to pass through the turnstile in the requested direction. If an unauthorized user attempts to tailgate on the valid entry, or attempts to enter without authorization, the integrated sensors recognize the illegal passage and sound an alarm.

The SU2000 optical turnstile is an IP enabled device. Core turnstile settings are adjusted using an included web application. Using a PC, tablet or smartphone, configurable features – such as audio sounds, detection settings and alarm timer settings – are set or changed over a TCP/IP network. For non-networked installations, configuration changes are easily made by plugging directly into the turnstile’s configuration port.

Key Features:

  • Card in/card out; card in/free exit; either or both directions closed for use
  • Superior unauthorized passage detection
  • Download configuration changes and custom audio sounds over a TCP/IP network
  • Highly reliable and virtually maintenance free

Added Benefits:

  • Very intuitive for users and attendants
  • Supports high throughput rate; processes users as fast as they move through the turnstile
  • Integrates easily with access control systems
  • Audible alarms that notify of invalid entry attempts create a more secure environment
  • Provides years of trouble-free operation

Simplified integration

Access Control and Visitor Management

The SU2000 optical turnstile integrates with virtually any access control or visitor management system and accommodates a wide array of credential readers. Dedicated fire or life safety system inputs are provided and outputs can be used to turn on cameras, lock interior doors and provide remote notification. The result is a barrier free solution that provides superb access control and visitor management at facilities worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Simplified integration to access control and visitor management systems
  • Allows use of existing readers familiar to users
  • Dedicated fire system input
  • Multiple inputs to change operational modes
  • Multiple outputs available (i.e. counting, alarms) for streamlined integration with other 3rd party systems
  • TCP/IP enabled for remote communication and control of turnstiles

Never compromise safety

Built-in Safety

A major advantage of the SU2000 barrier free optical turnstile is that it’s barrier free. Since there is no barrier, free egress is always a possibility in the event of emergencies. Also included is a dedicated input for fire/life safety to deactivate the alarm output during emergencies. And since both standard or ADA accessible lane widths use the same size cabinets, it’s easy to accommodate all types of traffic.

Key Features:

  • Barrier free design prevents entrapment
  • Dedicated input for fire/life safety deactivates alarm for free egress
  • Standard and handicapped passage width options provide safe passage for all persons

Product downloads

Secured Entry Control Catalog


Secured Entry Control Catalog


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