Car Parking Solutions

The PARKING SYSTEM offered is a highly adaptable management and control solution, leads parking operators toward top-tier operational excellence and revenue performance and growth. Reliable, flexible and feature-rich, system does not require frequent and costly upgrades, and the ultra-user-friendly software provides straightforward solutions to operational challenges and can be custom tailored for any type of property. System is a scalable product from a single facility to an entire city parking system.

Parking Management Software:

The software incorporates everything that property owners and managers need in a facility management system. It is a reliable, flexible and feature-rich and does not require frequent and costly upgrades to remain operational. The ultra-user-friendly software provides straightforward solutions to operational challenges and can be custom tailored for any type of property: office building, hotel, medical centre or a mix-use development.

    Industries which would require are.

  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Central Management
  • Government & High-Security Facilities
  • Mixed-Use Facilities
  • Convention Centres
  • Shopping Centres
  • Event Parking
  • Hotels

    Advantages for user and parking operator:

  • Control every aspect of operation in real time
  • Intuitive and easy user interface
  • Supports cutting edge technologies
  • Control all aspects of facility from one central location
  • Highly scalable for facilities of all sizes
  • Monitor from mobile devices
  • Unlimited merchant accounts for validation
  • Flexible architecture for easy 3rd party integrations
  • Regular system updates to ensure you receive most up to date technology
  • Real time reporting on local and enterprise scale

Key Features

Monitor Anywhere from Any Device

Now operators can control all aspects of facilities locally, from the web and with mobile devices. Additionally, key facility personnel can receive email alerts and/or reports for virtually any system activity.

From a single dashboard monitor, facility managers can oversee and control every transaction and activity in the facility. See it all locally, on the web and from your smartphone.

Validation Solutions with Software

Increasingly vendors are using validation discounts on products and integrations with parking facilities quickly increase ROI. Validation and coupon management and production is made simple cost effective with an integrated module that comes standard with software

Web Reservations and Pay-By-Phone

Pre-Paid parking reservations and Pay-by-Phone are some of the fastest growing programs in the industry. The integrated system modules that offer specific solutions which answer the needs of owners and operators. From Valet Services to Web Reservations to Hotel Guest Services, The business service modules are designed to meet today’s operational requirements.

Add on features (optional):

Valet Parking

This feature tracks attendants, vehicles, revenue and overnight hotel guest parking an ideal solution for off-site valet parking, valet-assist within a garage and front door hotel applications. It fully integrates valet parking and self-parking effectively and affordably.

LPR Systems

It’s a value added license plate recognition solution. It is a reliable, affordable and seamlessly integrates with our software. It is an excellent choice for airports, office buildings, shopping malls, mixed-use developments and universities.

Loyalty Programs

The frequent parker program allows owners to give patrons reward points for utilizing their facility(s). The system is configurable to award points based on elapsed time or Rupee spent in the facility. The Loyalty program is web based and is branded with your company information.

Hotel Guest Solutions

This feature can be seamlessly interfaced to the hotel property management system (PMS). The hotel authorizes parking at the front desk and insures that the guest is billed. The guest can then enter and exit the facility with their room key. It also functions with the new RFID room keys.

A modular approach, designed by people who understand both parking operations and revenue assurance initiatives, delivers on the promise of easy 3rd party business system integration so parking patrons have more choices while operators have new, add-on revenue sources, integrations include: